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a micro-retail marketplace focused on spatial equity

Meet re/tell. We match brands with the excess space inside high traffic retail destinations.

Each space has a built-in community and customer base. Brands can plug-in to excess wall or floor space, and take advantage of the quality service, ambiance, and foot traffic already in place.

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accessible affordable spaces with all the resources

ALL entrepreneurs deserve the opportunity to connect with customers IRL.

For Brands

What if excess retail space was provided to young artisans, makers, creators, entrepreneurs pushing industries forward?  Get matched with high traffic destinations, not empty spaces.

No leases. No brokers. No hassle. With re/tell's matchmaking algorithm, we get brands in front of their core demographic to engage with customers to provide a unique experience. Easily scale your retail presence in hotel lobbies, co-working spaces, boutiques, airports, cafes, or retail marketplaces.

For Spaces

What if spaces could share operating costs and remain relevant to new generations of consumers? Diversify revenue with your excess footprint and host unique brands in your space and delight your customers.

We’re on a mission to make retail accessible to anyone in the world.

We all want human experiences, and the next generation of consumers want to connect with brands on a personal level. Time to get started.

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